This event has finished.

DATE: Saturday 16th March 2024

TIME: 2pm - 6pm

PRICE: Included in 2-night stay

DAY PASS: $100

Ignite your creativity and work alongside the incredible, renowned travel writer Nina Karnikowski as she guides this amazing 90-minute workshop. You will be prompted to use writing techniques to strengthen your connection and experience travel on a much deeper level. Nina will provide exercises focusing on employing these techniques to become a more present and conscious traveller.

Following the workshop, you will experience the unforgettable mouth-watering pairings of wine from local connoisseur Russ from Luna Wines and Sam from Will Studd Cheeses to share their extensive knowledge.

You will have free use of the space and access to the heated lap pool following the workshop. 

Simply book a two-night stay and enter the promo code ‘WRITERS RETREAT’ in the booking for your ticket to be included, or purchase a day pass below.

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