Byron is recognised for its healing properties, grounded in rich indigenous history, with a strong connection to sacred sites. Many believe it is in the volcanic rock deep beneath the earth that erupted nearly 23 million years ago, that hosts a powerful pull and ignites deep spirituality.

Here are the best spots for all of your health and wellness endeavours:

Farmers Market

Located by the train tracks behind Jonson Street, the weekly markets each Thursday celebrate the farmers and local suppliers of the Northern Rivers, with fresh and organic produce.

Bay Grocer

Proudly supporting local suppliers and farmers and high-quality imported produce, Bay Grocers' organic food selection makes shopping feel like a luxury.


After a short 5-minute walk from the front steps of 28 Degrees, you’ll enter through the doors and feel immediately at ease. With wonderful packages on offer, you will leave feeling entirely transformed.

In-house masseuse

Our incredible in-house masseuse, Hannah, is the perfect facilitator of all your relaxation needs. Ask our concierge to book and let the wellness come to you.

The Brooklet

Located in the hinterland, the magnesium hot tub, ice bath and rainwater shower overlook breathtaking scenes of the hinterland.


A beautiful infrared sauna space and ice-bath (for those daring!).

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