Byron Bay Surfing

Known for its pristine stretches of sand, dreamy turquoise waters and infamous surf breaks, Byron Bay has everything you need for the perfect sub-tropical vacation. Whether you prefer to sit in the sun and relax with a good book or jump straight into the water with a longboard in hand, Byron and its’ many surrounding beaches have something for everyone.

We’ve listed all of the must-sees for the area, including the most popular spots and the sites that will have you avoiding the crowds.

The Pass

Perfect for beginner surfers and a beautiful spot to spend the day.


Another incredible bay for swimming and surfing, you’ll often spot pods of dolphins off the coast.

Torakina Beach

Located in Brunswick Heads, this protected Bay is a haven tucked away from the chaos.


Stretching further north from Byron’s Main Beach, Belongil is a lovely spot, with Lifeguards patrolling some sections during peak season.

Whites Beach

A hidden haven from the crowds. Close to Broken Heads, this oasis is often the most deserted beach in the area and is the perfect spot to set up for the day.

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